Grateful Dead: Dave's Picks Volume 33, DeKalb, IL (10/29/77)

CD555 - 3 CD
Rhino - 2020

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Grateful Dead: Dave's Picks Volume 33,
Evans Field House, N. Illinois Univ., DeKalb, IL (10/29/77)

This show is a true classic, with quite a few unique musical moments. The first set is solid all the way, beginning with a Might As Well featuring Jerry whooping and hollering at the end, and ending with an expertly jammed Let It Grow. The songlist of the second set looks average, but the performance is superb. Bertha> Good Lovin and Friend Of The Devil provide for a smooth intro to the explorative music to follow. The main part of Estimated sounds typical for the time, but the journey into Eyes is exquisite. Eyes Of The World is done in a slow, leisurely, yet very firm and at times explosive manner, a true standout among late 70s versions. The jamming after the last verse quickly resolves into a space that is, in a word, astonishing (...)

There's no more perfect followup than a strong St. Stephen. After the final verse, the drummers play the Not Fade Away rhythm, a common gesture for the tune at this point. Phil plays a fluent, flawlessly rhythmic solo very much in keeping with the tune, as the drummers provide sensitive yet explosive accompaniment. By some magic the threesome bring the music to a complete stop, at which point they resume NFA, now with the rest of the band. The remainder of the set is very well played, and there's even a short drum duet in the Sunshine Daydream break. (Simon Friedman, DeadBase)


Disc 1
1. Might As Well [6:43]
2. Jack Straw [6:23]
3. Dire Wolf [4:11]
4. Looks Like Rain [8:52]
5. Loser [7:50]
6. El Paso [4:48]
7. Ramble On Rose [8:10]
8. New Minglewood Blues [5:26]
9. It Must Have Been The Roses [7:33]
10. Let It Grow [12:41]

Disc 2
1. Bertha> [8:21]
2. Good Lovin [7:02]
3. Friend Of The Devil [9:31]

Disc 3
1. Estimated Prophet> [11:22]
2. Eyes Of The World> [13:10]
3. Space> [7:14]
4. St. Stephen> [11:12]
5. Not Fade Away> [7:37]
6. Black Peter> [12:22]
7. Sugar Magnolia [10:06]
8. One More Saturday Night [6:06]

Mastered to HDCD Specs by Jeffrey Norman
Limited to 22,000
Released on January 31st, 2020