Grateful Dead: Honky Chateau (6/21/71)

CD531 - 1 CD
Brr, 2017

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Grateful Dead: Honky Chateau
Ch. d'Herouville, France, 21 June 1971

This recording presents excerpts from one of the most unusual shows the Grateful Dead ever played. The band was scheduled to play at a small festival in France, but when the festival site rained out, they were more or less forced to stay at the fancy chateau where they were lodging. Despite a one-day visit to Paris, the band got restless and decided to play a free concert on the chateau grounds for whomever happended to be nearby, i.e. the village mayor, postmaster, the fire brigade, etc., about 200 people in all. The performance is said to have lasted over three hours; check out the looooong and hot jam in 'Hard to Handle'!


1. Hard to Handle
2. China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider
3. Deal
4. Black Peter
5. Morning Dew
6. Sugar Magnolia
7. Sing Me Back Home