Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks 35
CD289 - 4 CD

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Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks 35

This four-CD set includes the band's complete performance on August 7, 1971 in San Diego, the material that was salvageable from its August 24, 1971 concert in Chicago, and an hour-long segment from its August 6, 1971 concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Intriguingly, none of this material ever has been in circulation among Dead Heads, and the soundboard recordings of the Grateful Dead's 1971 summer tour were thought to have been lost forever. However, this past spring, archivist David Lemieux received a call from Donna Jean Godchaux-Mackay, who told him that the tapes had been discovered. Evidently, just prior to Keith Godchaux's indoctrination into the Grateful Dead had begun, guitarist Jerry Garcia had given him a box of tapes and said, "Here, this is our most recent tour. Learn our music." Keith stashed the tapes on his parent's houseboat in Alameda and promptly forgot about them. They remained there for 35 years until they were discovered by his brother Brian and his son Zion.

Jerry Garcia Lead Guitar, Vocals
Bill Kreutzmann Drums
Phil Lesh Electric Bass, Vocals
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan Vocals, Harmonica, Organ, Percussion
Bob Weir Rhythm Guitar, Vocals


CD #1
San Diego 8/7/71
1 Big Railroad Blues 4:02 Lewis, Arr. By Grateful Dead
2 El Paso 5:40 Robbins
3 Mr. Charlie 3:44 McKernan, Hunter
4 Sugaree 7:24 Garcia, Hunter
5 Mama Tried 3:05 Haggard
6 Bertha 6:43 Garcia, Hunter
7 Big Boss Man 5:39 Smith, Dixon
8 Promised Land 3:56 Berry
9 Hard To Handle 8:45 Redding, Jones, Isbell
10 Cumberland Blues 5:36 Garcia, Lesh, Hunter
11 Casey Jones 5:53 Garcia, Hunter
12 Truckin' 10:08 Garcia, Lesh, Weir, Hunter

CD #2
1 China Cat Sunflower> 5:28 Garcia, Hunter
2 I Know You Rider 5:59 Trad. Arr. By Grateful Dead
3 Next Time You See Me 4:34 Harvey, Forest
4 Sugar Magnolia 6:28 Weir, Hunter
5 Sing Me Back Home 10:50 Haggard
6 Me and My Uncle 3:39 Phillips
7 Not Fade Away> 6:25 Petty, Hardin
8 Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad> 6:10 Trad. Arr. By Grateful Dead
9 Jam> 4:08 Grateful Dead
10 Johnny B. Goode 4:31 Berry
Chicago 8/24/71
11 Uncle John's Band 7:12 Garcia, Hunter
12 Playing In The Band 5:04 Weir, Hart, Hunter
13 Loser 6:09 Garcia, Hunter

CD #3
1 Hurts Me Too 7:48 James
2 Cumberland Blues 5:42 Garcia, Lesh, Hunter
3 Empty Pages 5:22 McKernan
4 Beat It On Down The Line 3:45 Fuller
5 Brown-Eyed Woman 4:11 Garcia, Hunter
6 St. Stephen> 5:31 Garcia, Lesh, Hunter
7 Not Fade Away> 4:08 Petty, Hardin
8 Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad> 8:25 Trad. Arr. By Grateful Dead
9 Not Fade Away 3:13 Petty, Hardin
10 Me and Bobby McGee 6:18 Kristofferson, Foster
11 Big Boss Man 4:30 Smith, Dixon
12 Brokedown Palace 5:03 Garcia, Hunter

CD #4
1 Good Lovin' 11:37 Resnick, Clark
8/6/71 Hollywood
2 The Other One> 8:06 Weir, Kreutzmann
3 Me and My Uncle> 3:14 Phillips
4 The Other One 6:25 Weir, Kreutzmann
5 Deal 5:48 Garcia, Hunter
6 Sugar Magnolia 7:01 Weir, Hunter
7 Morning Dew 11:29 Dobson, Rose
8 Turn On Your Lovelight 25:42 Scott, Malone


Recording by: Rex Jackson
Tape Archivist: David Lemieux
CD Mastering by: Jeffrey Norman
Cover Art and Package
Design by: Robert Minkin /
Photography: Chuck Pulin, J. C. Overlock, Emerson-Loew

Extra Special Thanks to: Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay, Zion Godchaux, Brian Godchaux and Jean Godchaux