The Grateful Dead:
In the Dark

CD144 - Arista 1987

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In the Dark

1. Touch Of Grey
2. Hell In A Bucket
3. When Push Comes To Shove
4. West L.A. Fadeaway
5. Tons Of Steel
6. Throwing Stones
7. Black Muddy River

8. My Brother Esau (Single B-side)
9. West L.A. Fadeaway (Alternate Version, 1984)
10. Black Muddy River (Studio Rehearsal)
11. When Push Comes To Shove (Studio Rehearsal)
12. Touch Of Grey (Studio Rehearsal)
13. Throwing Stones (Live)


Blair Jackson's review: ***
copyright: www.blairjackson.comm


Considering most of the songs on this record were ones the band had been playing for several years, the performances sound surprisingly fresh. "Touch of Grey" is here, of course, as are "Throwing Stones," "West L.A. Fadeaway" and "Hell in a Bucket," to name a few. If I were to buy one late-period studio CD however, it would be The Arista Years, which contains the best tracks from each of their Arista albums, including five from In the Dark.