The Grateful Dead:
Terrapin Station

CD142 - Arista 1977

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1. Estimated Prophet
2. Dancin’ In The Streets
3. Passenger
4. Samson & Delilah 5. Sunrise
Terrapin Station, Part 1: Lady With A Fan
7. Terrapin Station
8. Terrapin
9. Terrapin Transit
10. At A Siding
11. Terrapin Flyer
12. Refrain

13. Peggy-O (Instrumental Studio Outtake)
14. The Ascent (Instrumental Studio Outtake)
15. Catfish John (Studio Outtake)
16. Equinox (Studio Outtake)
17. Fire On The Mountain (Studio Outtake)
18. Dancin’ In The Streets (Live)

Blair Jackson's review: ***
copyright: www.blairjackson.comm


The music on this album is so precisely played and cleanly recorded it scarcely sounds like the Grateful Dead. Credit producer Keith Olsen with making a solid commercial effort. "Estimated Prophet" and the "Terrapin" suite are the primary draws here, but the latter, with its Paul Buckmaster arrangement and very British chorale, is a bit overripe. The disco "Dancing in the Streets" has none of the charm of the band's live versions of the tune. "Passenger" kicks a little booty and features a sharp Garcia slide guitar line. Personally I'd like to hear the pre-Buckmaster mixes of "Terrapin," if only to hear the drum duel between Mickey and Billy before it was buried under completely inappropriate dross.