Grateful Dead - Fallout from the Phil Zone

CD054 - 2 CD

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Disc One:
1. Dancin' in the Streets
2. New Speedway Boogie
3. Viola Lee Blues
4. Easy Wind
5. Mason's Children
6. Hard to Handle

Disc Two:
1. The Music never Stopped
2. Jack-A-Roe
3. In the Midnight Hour
4. Visions of Johanna
5. Box of Rain

Blair Jackson's review: ****

Phil chose these 11 unrelated live tracks, which range from a remarkable, at times hilarious, 32-minute workout on "Midnight Hour" from 1967 (with Pigpen in peak form, trying to play matchmaker to members of the audience and even attempting to get Weir paired up- "C'mon, Bobby!" Pig chides), to "Visions of Johanna" in 1995. There's also a phenomenal "Dancing in the Streets" from 1970, the justly famous Hollywood Palladium "Hard to Handle" from '71, a 20-minute, completely psychedelicized "Viola Lee Blues" from '69 and very different-sounding "Jack-A-Roe" from 1977. A bit disjointed, but it contains some spectacular peaks. How 'bout more, Phil?