Grateful Dead:
Hundred Year Hall

CD025 - 2 CD


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Recorded live 4/26/72, at Jahrhundert Halle in Frankfurt, Germany.

Jerry Garcia, guitar, vocals
Donna Jean Godchaux, vocals
Keith Godchaux, piano
Billy Kreutzmann, drums
Phil Lesh, bass guitar, vocals
Ron McKernan, organ, harmonica, vocals
Bob Weir, guitar, vocals

Disc One:
1. Bertha (5:41) Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter
2. Me and My Uncle (3:05) John Phillips*
3 Next Time You See Me (4:15) William Harvey, Earl Forest**
4 China Cat Sunflower (5:14) Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter
5 I Know You Rider (5:14) Traditional Arranged by Grateful Dead
6 Jack Straw (4:47) Bob Weir, Robert Hunter
7 Big Railroad Blues (3:54) Noah Lewis***
8 Playing in the Band (9:17) Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Robert Hunter
9 Turn on Your Lovelight (19:13) D. Malone, J. Scott ***
10 Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad (7:32) Traditional Arranged by Grateful Dead.
11 One More Saturday Night (5:44) Bob Weir

Disc Two:
1 Truckin' (17:45) Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Robert Hunter
2 Cryptical Envelopment (36:29) Jerry Garcia
3 Comes a Time (6:45) Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter
4 Sugar Magnolia (7:23) Bob Weir, Robert Hunter

Produced by John Cutler and Phil Lesh
Recording by Alembic
Artwork and Design by Gecko Graphics
Mastered by Jeffrey Norman
Tape Archivist Dick Latvala