Grateful Dead:
Infrared Roses

4014 - Grateful Dead Records 1991

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Infrared Roses

Crowd Sculpture
Little Nemo in Nightland
Riverside Rhapsody
Post-Modern Highrise Table Top Stomp
Infrared Roses
Silver Apples of the Moon
Speaking in Swords
Magnesium Night Light
Sparrow Hawk Row
River of Nine Sorrows
Apollo at the Ritz

Blair Jackson's review: ****
copyright: www.blairjackson.comm


Produced and assembled by Bob Bralove, Infrared Roses is a fascinating hour of "drums" and "space" distilled from late '80s and a few 1990 concerts. Most of the pieces (which were titled by Robert Hunter) were constructed by Bralove from multiple performances and there's plenty of musical diversity here. At its heart it's completely free-form improvisation, which gives the CD an exciting and unpredictable edge. Branford Marsalis appears on "Apollo at the Ritz." Sonically it's a masterpiece. Not for every taste.